Bike to the Beach

Yes She Can Inc.
Captain: Allan Friedman

New York 2018

Join our team and help us support the cause! We are participating in an annual fundraising bike ride to raise money for Autism awareness and research called Bike to the Beach. Our goal is to raise awareness and money to help those whose lives are touched by Autism, a neurological disorder that affects 1 out of every 68 children.

We need your support to provide hope for those individuals dealing with Autism each day.  Every 21 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism, the fastest growing disability in the United States.

Autism is a national crisis, costing the country more than $90 billion annually, yet it receives less than 5% of the federal funding of other less prevalent childhood diseases.

We would appreciate any effort on your behalf to support our journey and improve the lives of those who are touched by Autism. If you would like to donate to help improve the lives of Americans dealing with Autism, please contribute to our fundraising page.


$25 raised

$10,000 goal
0.25% Complete
#29 Rockaway loopers $75
#30 409 $50
#31 ECCC & LOCAL 164 $25
#31 Yes She Can Inc. $25
#32 Pursuit $0
#267 Summerhouse $25
#267 Team Caboose $25
#267 Wood $25
#267 Yes She Can Inc. $25
#267 ZBikeT $25
#268 Team Organic Valley Rides 4 Jay $20
#269 YesSheCan $18

Team Members

Allan Friedman
$25 raised
Lauren Rubin
$0 raised

Our Donors

Carolyn Singer

Why We Bike

Our Community members each Bike to the Beach for a different reason. Here are just a few great stories ...